Save Maine Lobstermen Fundraiser

Fundraiser initiative:
More Lobster for ME please! For each item that is purchased, 20% of the sales price will go to #SaveMaineLobstermen
Shenanigans by Sam and IRISisBEAUTY, two small businesses from Maine, support the Maine Lobster Industry.  In light of recent regulations that impact the Maine Lobster industry, we are hoping to raise funds for #SaveMaineLobstermen to help with the court cases.  To read more regarding the current issue facing the Maine Lobster Industry, please visit:
It is important to note that supporting #SaveMaineLobstermen does not mean that we do not support finding solutions to help Right Whales.  It means more research and due diligence needs to be done; as it has been said by others the Maine Lobster Industry should not be deemed “guilty” before proven innocent.  
I stand with Maine Lobstermen for many reasons.  Not only from an economic standpoint and the number of families who will be impacted by these regulations but also from a nostalgic perspective.   As a child throughout my young adulthood, I would  visit my grandparents every summer in Cape Neddick, and no surprise, lobster is a source of many memorable events and family meals. I loved lobster-lobster stuffies as a child and the cooked version as I got older.  I remember my grandfather teaching my older brother how to get every edible piece of lobster meat out of a lobster, then waiting at a restaurant as my brother practiced (I think we were there for hours!). As a teenager and young adult I looked forward to visiting special restaurants for lobster pie, lobster bisque and strawberry shortcake.  Lobster is delicious! As a momma of three young daughters, I cherish the memories of taking them on their first lobster boat out of Perkins Cove. Lobster is a significant part of the tourism, restaurant and lobster industries.  I am also a huge proponent of sound research and decision making.  Opinions are not facts. Decisions, I believe, should be based on evidence. Our family stands with #SaveMaineLobstermen!
How Sam and Sarah met:
In August, at a Maine Micro Artisans event in Poland, the stars aligned when we were set up next to each other. We chatted and kept in touch discussing many things, including brainstorming ideas and talking about all things art.  We realized we make a great team and decided to collaborate together. Sarah is an artist with free flowing ideas and Sam has the precision, technological skills and equipment to make amazing products. Sam has brilliant ideas and original designs, not to mention a wealth of experience! Together we hope to use our talents to help others!
Save Maine Lobstermen Fundraiser
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