IRISisBEAUTY: Nature-Art-Beach & Vintage Finds

Although art has been a passion of mine since I could hold a crayon, I vividly recall the moment that I wanted to paint and create art as a second career. In 2017, while driving to work in New Jersey, I was watching the sunrise over route 80 and felt an immense longing to paint Marginal Way, a place that I have found an abundance of inspiration through countless visits with my grandparents who had retired in Cape Neddick. My dream came true when my family (my husband, three daughters and I) relocated to Wells, Maine in 2021 allowing more flexibility and time to focus on my art and growing my small business, IRISisBEAUTY.

My business name IRISisBEAUTY derives from the following:

 Iris is the name of our rescue dog that we adopted in December of 2011- Iris unfortunately was abused as a puppy and found with injuries to her face and eye, requiring one of her eyes to be removed. Iris is beautiful inside and out and has welcomed various foster animals into our home throughout the years. Now she is a perfect big sister to our daughters and thoroughly enjoying the Maine life in her golden years.
 Iris represents the natural beauty of earth that is seen through my eyes.
 The Iris flower, so unique so beautiful.
I would describe myself as a self-taught artist, using knowledge from my previous art electives in high school as well as art books and notes left by my grandmother, an oil and watercolor artist, to help guide my work. I love animals and nature. IRISisBEAUTY reflects all of these passions in a variety of art forms:
 Digital Rope Art designs (I use a tool on my tablet to create pictures of animals, landscapes and other objects.)
 Custom Pet Portrait Ornaments
 Beachcombing and vintage creations (often framed with vintage frames or as wall hangings.)
 Oil or acrylic paintings on canvas (my strengths and passion are animals and landscapes.)
 Rock, shell and driftwood paintings (I come from generations of beachcombers!)
I strive to capture a snapshot of the essence of nature and hope that it will bring feelings of happiness for others.

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